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Noevir Aviation's exclusive aircraft management program makes it possible for aircraft owners to use and enjoy their airplane without taking on the unfamiliar and complex day-to-day flight operations. Our program is tailored to the needs of each aircraft's owner. Noevir Aviation can supplement the activities of your own flight crew or we can provide fully dedicated crew services. We handle selecting, hiring, training and supervision of flight crew, ultimately tailoring crew backgrounds to the requirements of the operation. Crew can be assigned on a full-time or part-time basis.

At the owner's option, we can utilize the aircraft to be used by major (Charter) operators when the owner does not need the aircraft. The flight hours and income generated by charter flights can have a positive impact upon fixed costs of ownership.

NOEVIR Aviation and NOEVIR Group operate own fleet of aircrafts over 30 years. And through the years of experience, provides Noevir Aviation with the flexibility and availability to meet a wide range of client needs and to re-evaluate objectives with possible streamline operations in aircraft management.

Currently, we operate a new Cessna Citation Sovereign+ owned by Noevir Aviation exclusively for charter operation in Asia and United State, under very stringent rules with strong safety record of Millbrook Air, Part 135 Charter Operator in New York.

We invite you to consider the possibility that your company may profit from an evaluation within the following areas:

  • FAA Ruled Flight Operations

  • Aircraft and Equipment Overhale and/or Maintenance

  • Fuel Management

  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • Crew Management

  • Flight-Safety Training

If you would like more information on our Aircraft Management Program, please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or just send us a request message by the link below;

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Importing and/or exporting aircraft can be confusing and require paperwork and applications by local government. Noevir Aviation is committed to protecting your interest by ensuring that proper due diligence is appropriately taken to minimize risks in purchasing and/or selling your aircraft. Noevir Aviation has experts for the most aspects of aircraft logistic services such as: documentation, escrow payments, Export C of A and TC certifications, packing & freight forwarding, and custom clearance for Air/Ocean shipment worldwide.

Aircraft Parts and Equipment Procurement Services

If you need to purchase aircraft parts and/or overhauled components, you may likely experience complications including; items not being as represented, managing warranties and returns, lack of proper documentation. NOEVIR Aviation will save your time and budget to acquire right quality of aircraft components and overhaul services which provided on schedule for you.