Private Jet Charter Service provides seamless private flights for events, business trips and vacations.

Why Go With Our Air Charter Service? Because for many years airline transportation systems have been beyond capacity. As a result, the traveling public has had to suffer: the long lines at check-in and airport security; lost luggage; less amenities; cramped seating; and air traffic delays at major airport hubs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Tokyo.

Today, when flying commercial, you are at the mercy of the airlines in terms of travel time, comfort, and whether your luggage arrives with you. Efficiency: Your time is valuable so why waste it in airport check-in and security lines or suffering through airline delays.

  • Comfort: Arrive for your meeting relaxed, rested and well prepared

  • Productivity: Privacy and space to work, conduct meetings, or spend quality time with your family

  • Flexibility: Air Travel on Your Schedule not the Airline's Schedule. We are a limousine in the sky!

  • Security: Control over who and how you travel

Obviously the cost of Air Charter Service can be concerning, however, we provide many cost-effective charter service options available to suit your needs.

Please contact us for a free quote on any of our destinations with our aircraft services; call: +1 (845) 677-1237 or use our form at the Millbrook Air - Website below.

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With upgraded avionics, an all new interior, enhanced technology, and better performance and flight ranges, the Sovereign+ answers the call of today's business leaders and what they want in a corporate jet.


The revised, gently swept wing design with winglets allows the Sovereign+ to climb directly to 45,000 feet and cruise for up to 3,000 nautical mile. Navigation and anti-collision strobe lights are built into the wing tips.


With an all-new, redesigned cockpit, the Sovereign+ offers the perfect flying environment for pilots. The Citation Intrinzic Flight Deck powered by Garmin G5000 avionics is a bright, modern, all-glass flight deck that offers you more comfort and safety.


The all-new cabin features an environmental control system, which produces 37 percent more cooling. The interior of the Sovereign+ also offers an improved seat design with recessed armrests to widen the aisle.

SEATS with Ergonomic Comfort

New passenger seats provide maximum comfort and precise ergonomics. With a design conforming with the body, armrests that fold completely out of the way, and optional lumbar supports and footrests, you'll find your travels relaxing and enjoyable.


The Sovereign's Advanced Clarity Cabin Management System features user-friendly touch-screen controllers at passenger seats. You will never be disconnected with our interactive moving map capability, integration of smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players, along with an included airborne Internet system.

Flight Range Map

Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Flight Range Map

Thanks to New Sovereign's long flight range, it will cover whole land of continental United State non-stop coast-to-coast. We can fly from Boston or NYC to Los Angeles with non-stop one flight.

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